The Sublog

Apr 26

Slacking to “success” as a self-taught software development fuck up

Occasionally people ask me where I’d begin if jumping into software development today.

Here’s an entry from my journal that’s been modified for self-taught software developers, new college graduates, people suffering from imposter syndrome in tech, or anyone considering a move into the realm.

Apr 18

Intuit's sneaky Turbotax cash grab

Intuit seems to be running a cash-grab operation on unsuspecting business owners using TurboTax this year.

Why are they trying to sneak in a monthly charge that can’t be removed during the checkout process? Don’t they already make enough money?

Apr 10

Finding meaning on the path of mastery

Going through my cyclical ups and downs, and feeling more than a little lost in life after losing of my father to cancer last year I became obsessed with the thought that I could be wasting my life not following my true path.

What followed lead me to a new course in life.

Dec 16

It's a business…

Does running a successful business require you to be a cold, calculated automaton? Something I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately.

Jan 10

Sell Service First, Software Second - Why Your SaaS is Backwards

The call to arms of ‘product first’ echoes across the internet, evangelized by business gurus and developers alike — but is it really the best way to approach your SaaS?

A recent customer interaction illuminated how I’ve grown my business, and it’s not how most would advise doing it.

Dec 14

Requiring feedback when SaaS customers churn. Good or bad idea?

Getting customers to buy your creation seems like a mystical art to some. What motivates a customer to hand over their billing details and start paying for your product?

It’s been said that the most constructive feedback comes from people who’ve just purchased, and those that have decided against it. If you have a SaaS, how do you go about collecting it?

Dec 05

DO NOT REPLY — The best way to tell customers you DGAF.

“Do-not-reply” email addresses say that you’re too lazy to consider your customer’s convenience, and instead value your time over theirs. Every email your organization sends should come from a working email address.

Read on to find out why…

Nov 17

Office Playlist 11.17.13 [PSYCHIC]

Daylight savings time pushed me into some more laid back territory with the office jams for November. This week’s playlist has been dominated by Darkside’s ‘Psychic’.

Nov 12

Startup RapGenius among 50 websites served take-down notices by music publishers

Surprise, surprise…lyric websites across the web have been served take-down notices by the National Music Publishers’ Association after a study reveals the “top 50 undesirable” sites.

The top offender named? RapGenius…

Nov 07

Everpix, Snapchat, and The Startup Lie

At their core, Everpix and Snapchat are both well designed, super hyped software services centered around photography.

So why is Snapchat is flush with VC cash, while Everpix is paying out refunds to once happy customers?