Jan 03

Adobe's new icons

I ran across Adobe’s new icons today while sifting through my blog reader.

Adobe's new icons

My first thought is that this image was a joke…My second, that the design exercise was a complete disaster.

Why do Flash and Acrobat get specialized icons, while Illustrator and Photoshop get slapped with the periodic-table treatment? Ugly ugly ugly…oh did I mention non-functional?

What’s with the seemingly arbitrary color selection? None of this makes any sense to me at all. I fully expect someone to come up with a key or decoder of some sort to figure all of this mess out.

Isn’t the whole idea behind an icon to represent something visually, so you don’t have to read? How the designers responsible thought two letter abbreviations == icons beats me.

A lot has already been said on the topic, so I’ll just link to it and let you read for yourself instead of waxing on.

Written by Seth Banks

Seth spends most of his days leading the design team at Green Bits and improving Cashboard. Occasionally he finds time to write about music, design, startups, and technology.

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