Jun 13

Substruct 0.9

Substruct, the open-source Ruby on Rails e-commerce and cms engine has finally been updated to Rails 1.2.3 and Engines 1.2

Special thanks to NSHB for his help in this update.


The release is available at:


Version 0.9
Upgrade steps:
  1. Update to Engines 1.2.0
    - This is done for you if you are using externals to load Substruct
	2. Upgrade to Rails 1.2.3
    - This is done for you if you are using externals to load Substruct
	3. Change all instances of engines_stylesheet to stylesheet_link_tag with :plugin => 'substruct'
		- <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'substruct', :plugin => 'substruct' %>
	4. Change all instances of engines_javascript to javascript_include_tag with :plugin => 'substruct'
    - <%= javascript_include_tag 'substruct', :plugin => 'substruct' %>
	5. If you have customized the configuration, change to use..
		- Substruct.my_custom_config = 'value'
	6. MERGE the /vendor/plugins/substruct/config_stubs/environment.rb with your /config/environment.rb file
	  - Some configuration changes have been made.
	  - Merge the two and see if you need to make any updates.

  - Now works with Engines 1.2
  - Fixed all Rails 2.0 deprecation warnings
  - Changed the way config settings work to no longer use module
Written by Seth B

As Principal of Subimage LLC, Seth spends most of his days improving Cashboard. Occasionally he finds time to write about music, design, startups, and technology.

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