Feb 08

Substruct v0.97

…Just got done prepping a fairly major release of Substruct, the first and only open-source RoR e-commerce platform.

This release updates Substruct to Rails 2 / Engines 2, replaces file_column with attachment_fu, AND is the initial release that will be distributed in archive form. Sorry no PayPal IPN support yet – within the next few days hopefully…

Shouts out to Luke Ludwig for his contribution of the attachment_fu patch.

From now on, all new people to Substruct are recommended to download the latest tar/gzipped archive avaliable here.

New install instructions have been placed on the site…and are much easier than before.

Now the project even includes a rake task that checks if you have the correct gems installed.

I have only tested here on my OS X box, so hopefully things will go smooth on Windows as well.

Version 0.97
  1. Added nice installer rake task
  2. Upgrade to Rails 2.0.2 / Engines v2
  3. Images and uploads switched from using file_column and rmagick to 
     using attachment_fu and mini_magick.

Upgrade steps:
    1. Make sure you have the mini_magick and mime-types gems installed.
        a. sudo gem install mini_magick
        b. sudo gem install mime-types
            * Note: mime-types gem is only needed to upgrade, but is not
              needed after the upgrade is complete.
    2. Back up your database just in case.
        * mysql example:  mysqldump -u USERNAME -p DATABASE_NAME > backup.sql
    3. script/generate plugin_migration
    4. rake db:migrate
        * All of your uploads and images will be copied to a new location.
          Since it is a copy it is non-destructive, leaving the originals
          in their place.
    5. Check out the new environment.rb file in the 
       vendor/plugins/substruct/config directory.
Written by Seth B

As Principal of Subimage LLC, Seth spends most of his days improving Cashboard. Occasionally he finds time to write about music, design, startups, and technology.

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