Aug 05

Coudal Partners' Field Notes

Field Notes Image

Like many other web developers / hipsters / musicians I carry my trusty Moleskine pocket notebook wherever I go.

It’s a great resource to have handy when inspiration strikes for a new design, painting, or idea I need to capture.

For those not in the know, the Moleskine is a popular notebook / sketchbook that’s been adopted by creative types everywhere since its release in 1998.

It’s basically just a fancier, smaller version of the Trapper Keeper you had when you were in school.

It seems Coudal Partners and Draplin Design Co. have spotted this trend and come up with their own brand of the notebook they’re calling Field Notes.

Field Notes appear more rugged and somewhat slimmer than my trusty Moleskine. Perhaps slender enough to even fit in most of my jeans pockets.

You get 3 Field Notes for $9.95, which is a good price compared to the relatively expensive Moleskine.

I’ve had a sip of the Kool-Aid and it tastes good. I’ll be placing my order shortly…

Written by Seth Banks

Seth spends most of his days leading the design team at Green Bits and improving Cashboard. Occasionally he finds time to write about music, design, startups, and technology.

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