Dec 15

Lyricful looking for investors

If you've ever searched for song lyrics online you know there's a bunch of scammy/spammy sites that inhabit the results.

In 2011 we build the total opposite of those - a clean lyric site without popups or a garish design, focused on content first.

We were happily surprised by the response from fans and artists - especially when people were calling us the Bandcamp for song lyrics. Artists were posting entire albums of lyrics on our site, and promoting them to their fans.

During development, we consulted lawyers about the legality of running a site like this. They assured us it was a-ok, as there were so many other sites out there obviously not licensing song lyrics.

Unfortunately, it appears our lawyers were wrong...

Because of the recent 6.6 million dollar judgement against LiveUniverse we've decided to shutdown Lyricful until we can find someone with a bit of cash.

We simply don't have the $20k+/yr necessary to pay for licenses to the lyrics we have.

We want to continue running the site, and have some great ideas for it. We've also developed a network of music fan sites that drives traffic to it, and were seeing awesome interaction from twitter, facebook, and even tumblr.

If you're someone interested in providing a nice, spam free place for people to discuss the music that they love then please get in touch with us.

Written by Seth B

As Principal of Subimage LLC, Seth spends most of his days improving Cashboard. Occasionally he finds time to write about music, design, startups, and technology.

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