Oct 21

Three SEO webmaster tools you should know about

If you've created web content for any length of time I'm sure you've probably done some search engine optimzation.

Tools like Google's Keyword Planner and Bing Webmaster Tools are fairly well known, but those alone don't give you tremendous SEO insight.

I've recently been exploring other SEO tools that you should know about as a webmaster. If you're unaware of them I'm betting that your sites are probably not ranking highly - or worse yet ranking for keywords nobody cares about.

These three SEO tools take the guesswork out of targeting an online audience.

1 - Wordtracker & Wordtracker Scout

Wordtracker takes the guesswork out of content marketing. Their excellent Keyword tool enables you to find phrases you'd never think of, allowing you to target pre-existing niche markets that you'd miss otherwise.

Wordtracker Scout SEO Tool

They also offer a free Chrome extension called Wordtracker Scout which is pictured here. Scout allows you to view any site as a search engine would. The tool exposes the most relevant phrases on the page, their frequency, title and meta tags.

I'm finding Scout extremely useful for not only exposing keywords other sites are chasing, but for optimizing the SEO of my own sites in development.

Added bonus - Wordtracker offers a variety of SEO tutorial articles and help videos that provide wonderful insight into the SEO process. These alone are worth the price of admission ($69/month).

2 - Moz Site Explorer

The second tool on this list is Moz Site Explorer. This invaluable program is key for competitive keyword and backlink research.

Moz Open Site Explorer

Site Explorer allows you to compare up to 5 sites and their backlinks. One of my favorite things about Site Explorer is the ability to view "just discovered" links, which reports the newest sites that are linking to you. This gives you the opportunity to reach out to those site owners and possibly ask keyword-rich link text modifications.

Moz offers a variety of other SEO tools, which you would be negligent to ignore.

3 - Authority Labs

Last but not least is Authority Labs rank monitoring tool, which enables you to track a site's ranking for phrases over time.

Authority Labs keyword tracker SEO tool

There are a variety of tools that do similar things, but this is by far the best designed one I've seen. Authority Labs checks rank of your pages daily, and displays phrases, their rank, and a % change from the previous day in a table based format.

Moz.com has a similar tool, but theirs updates data weekly, not daily. This one is dead simple and beautiful to look at, so no complaints there.

Written by Seth Banks

Seth spends most of his days leading the design team at Green Bits and improving Cashboard. Occasionally he finds time to write about music, design, startups, and technology.

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