Nov 17

Office Playlist 11.17.13 [PSYCHIC]

I'm not sure about you, but I need to listen to music to be productive.

These posts aim to expose you to music that helps me get my job done without going crazy. Maybe it'll help you too?

Something weird happens when the days get shorter, the light less abundant. It's certainly affected my mood — which is definitely reflected in the music I've been playing lately.

A friend put me onto the aptly-titled Darkside a couple of weeks ago, and I can't stop playing their first full-length album; Psychic. I usually discount most of the stuff I read on Pitchfork - but their review of this one is spot on.

My favorite tune off the album has to be the smokey, blues-esque Paper Trails, which features some really chill guitar, and Tom Waits like vocals from Nico Jaar.

The team behind Psychic comes from an electronic music background, but you wouldn't know it from the above tune. Paper Trails would sound more at home backing an episode of Twin Peaks than inside a rave tent.

Got any music helping you through these dark days of Fall?
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Written by Seth Banks

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