The Sublog

Oct 09

Interface design trends - Sticky navbars

Recently I've been spotting "sticky" navigation headers across the web more frequently. A lot of them are quite good looking, but it's not all about appearances. Did you know that sticky menus are 22% quicker to navigate?

Inside I outline a few well executed examples of this design trend you should be paying attention to.

Oct 06

Autopsy of a failed side project

Many people write about exciting new projects they're working on, but how often do you read articles detailing failure?

Recently I sent a two year long project to the graveyard. Read on to find out what I learned from the experience...

Oct 04

Office Playlist 10.04.13 [CHILL]

Working in a dead quiet office weirds me out. Here's some chill beats that've been helping me bring in Fall.

Sep 27

Google's flight search innovates where others fail

Google has quietly released an innovative flight search tool that I think is the best available. It excels where the others fail because of a single usability insight coupled with minimal design.

Doubt it? Read on...

Sep 20

Interface design trends - Text input

I've been noticing some interesting text input designs around the web lately. Here's four that I find to be exceptionally well done.

Sep 13

Struggling to find developers? Train them yourself.

As a small business owner, what do you do when you can't find the talent you need to grow? A Baltimore area company has bet on training Ruby developers instead of outsourcing, and I love it.

Should you consider mentoring instead of exporting jobs overseas?

Read on...

Aug 25

Nomiku - Bag Soak Eat

Our latest client site goes live - a sous-vide recipe book responsively designed for multiple device support.

Jun 06

Instagram, as imagined in 1979, with Polaroids

What would you say if I told you that Instagram was created in 1979?

Of course we didn't have smartphones until recently, but Jamie Livingston was taking 'selfies', pictures of food, and doing street photography with his Polaroid camera over 3 decades ago.

Mar 11

The Pros And Cons Los Angeles

Hot off the presses, a responsive designed web shop for The Pros And Cons, Los Angeles.

Feb 06

Around the web, February 2013

Here's a few interesting links and things from February 2013, including an interview I did with Freelance Unleashed.